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The term 'Orthodox' is of Greek origin. 'Ortho' means straight, and 'doxa' mean glorification. So, 'Orthodox' is straight praise/ teachings, followed by established traditions and beliefs, conforming to established 'doctrine'.

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The First Ecumenical Council

The Second Ecumenical Council

The Third Ecumenical Council


The First Ecumenical Council explains the deity of Christ.


The Second Ecumenical Council proclaims the Lordship of the Holy Spirit.

The Third Ecumenical Council addresses Saint Mary as the Mother of God Incarnate.

In addition to Pre-Marital Counseling, Father Markos has authored books about Coptic Christianity. These Items are available at his Online store.


Father Markos Hanna was ordained presbyter by His Holiness Pope Shenouda III on Friday, February 19, 1988 in St. Mark Cathedral in Cairo, Egypt. He served at St. Mark’s in Los Angeles from 1988-2002 and is currently serving at Archangel Michael in Simi Valley. He has written and translated many church books from Arabic to English. Amazon published one of his books; MORAL ISSUES in 2012.


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